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There are about 300 thousands platelets in a drop of blood. When an injury occures,blood escapes from the broken vessel. Platelets gather at the area and partially plug the break. Tissue-clotting factors results in the conversion of fibriniogen into insoluble fibrin threads, which form a web across the break vessel wallbinding platelets and blood cells. Bruises happen when our injury crushes small blood vessels under the skin causing blood vessels to break open and leak blood. Haemophilia is an inherited condition more likely to occour in males whose platelets lack one of the particular clotting factors suck as firbrin. When clotting factors are missing or deficient, the blood does not clot properly and bleeding continues.....

The Helper In Our Body

Do you know about the WHITE BLOOD CELLL???. As u do know, our body have 5 white blood cell. They're name is
. Neutrophiles
. Eosinophiles
. Lymphocyte
. Macrophage
. Dentritic cell

Let me tell u about NEUTROPHILES first. Neutrophiles like to eat bad bacteria in our body. Eosinophiles, they release chemicals to destroy parasites. Lymphocyte, they destroy bacteria,toxins and cancerous cells. Macrophage,they eat pathogens, then tell the rest of the immune systems about the pathogens. Dentritic cells, they analyes antigens and tell lymphocyte about them. Ok thanks for reading this information!!!

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Paris Facts!!!

  Eiffel Tower was built in 1889 in conjuction with the 100th anniversary of the French revolution.It's height about 320 metre.Gustave Eiffel was the desighner for this Eiffel Tower.Guy de Maupassant have said, "If Paris want to continue this construction of this tower,I will leave the town forever".However, he was seen enjoying a lunch everyday at the tower restaurant.When ask why, he say "this is the only one place in Paris that visitor can't see the structure of this tower when upstairs.

  Arc de Triomphe is a famous monument in Paris.Located in the center of Place Charles de Gaulle faced Champs-Elysees.This gate was builted in 1806 after the militiry victory of Austerlitz,Rusia and the combined forces of Austria.It was completed when the  government Louis-Philippe in 1836.Carefully built structure carved with various decorations making it one of the leading works at art.In addition,they are smaller arches Arc de Triomphe du Louvre Carrousel  located west.


  Statue of liberty statue of liberty or a World Heritage Site of UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural united nations). It is a landmark NewYork and the United States. This statue dihadiakan France to the United Statesgovernment as a memorial to the Independence Day-designed external100.Struktur Barthholdi statue while a steel framework is the result of the Eiffel Tower designer Gustave Eiffel.Monumen iatu was developed using the weight ofcopper, weighing 225 tan.Ketinggiannya 93 meters including ground floor . your right hand the statue holds a torch conforming to mean peace andkemajuan.Tangan left hand holding the 'Declaration of Independence' in honor ofU.S. independence Day on July 4, 1776.Kakinya iron chains as a symbolic stepelimination perhambaan.Muzium system is located under the Immigration ini.Padastatue of Calvin Coolidge 1924.Presiden statue of Liberty was announced as anational monument

.THE SPHINX- Father of Terror.


The Sphinx is one of the Egypt's most recongisable landmarks, and has been so for thousands of years - Egyptians carved its images onto their tomb walls,and ancient Greek historians spoke of it.Though the majestics imagenary of the lion is a common occurence, the heads of Sphinxes over the world are different. The Sphinx in front of the Great Pyramid at Giza is the largest one we know of.Despite conflicting evidence and viewpoints over the years, the traditional view held my modern Egyptologist at large,remains that the Great Sphinx was built by pharaoh Khafra, the third ruler of the 4th Dynasty (approximately 2560 B.C. to 2450 B.C.

In Greek mythology, the Sphinx had a face of a woman and a pair of wings; she wasn't just extremely intelligent,but said to be all-knowing.She would present them with the famous riddle: "What walk on four hands in the morning,two in the afternoon,and three in the evening?" Anyone who failed to answer her question would be devoured.It wasn't until the hero Oedipus came along that she was defeated.When he was answered her with "Man,who crawls as an infant,walks on two legs as an adult,then uses a walking stick in old age", the Sphinx was so mortified that she cast herself down from the rock and perished.


Do you know???

You all may not believe that masai people used cow poo to make their house.They say because it can make their house strengthen,expel insect from entering their house and if it's dry,inside of the house will feel comfortable.


 guardian at the grass-VULTURE


In Africa there have many types of VULTURES. But they're task is to clean grassland area by eating dead animals.It lengths about 60 to 150 cm and spend time about 9 hour in the sky searching for food everyday.It's also sometimes eat snake,rats and other small animals.Carnivors such as hyenas and lions are often seen when hunting prey for others predators take ravin.

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More muscular body shape but smaller than the tiger and lion. It is like moving animals hunt alone and swim.It likes to eat  is monkeys, reptiles and other small animals.But far only a few jaguars found in southern and central U.S.   


There are two thick black lines on the face as the sun protection (such assunglasses function). Living alone or in small colonies
and hunt at dawn and senja.It eats  antelope, deer, monkeys andmedium-sized animals in the wild or kecil.Most live in Africa and northern India

LEOPARDLeopards and jaguars are very similar although the body longer and enjoy hunting also hunt small mammals such as gazelle and deer.Leopard live in Asia and Africa.THATS ALL FOR YOUR INFROMATION!!!