Sunday, March 24, 2013


Freckle on the face are a common occurrence especially during summers when you have been out in the sun for extended hours. Yep, totally disgusting. I know how you feel if you have those on your face. But don't worry, this blog will help you to cure your ugly freckle. 

5 Ways To Treat Freckles 

1. Using Lemon
Mix horseradish, lemon juice, apple cider in equal amounts in a bowl and stir it well. Apply the prepared mixture onto the affected area with cotton swab. Do this regularly for a few days to see your freckles fading away, as well as giving boost to the natural turnover process of your skin cells.

2. Using turmeric
This Indian spice used in cooking is believed to reduce hyper pigmentation since years. So, use cream that comprises of this spice as an important ingredients. Apply it twice daily for better result. 

3. Using vitamin B3
This supervitamin has been known to rejuvenate the turnover of skin cells, which further keeps a check on the pigmentation process. Creams and serums that contain Vitamin B3 are thereby a good pick. 

4. Using vitamin C
You can apply vitamin C to freckles. This reduces the freckle pigment and makes them less noticeable. Vitamin C, such as L-Ascorbic Acid, can be found in a variety of serums, lotions and creams. When applied topically, vitamin C can brighten your overall skin tone and lighten age spots.

5. Using Koji Acid
Cream that remove age spots must contain an active ingredients that can penetrate the epidermis. One such ingredient is Koji Acid, which come from Japan and is derivative of mushrooms, and it is used in cosmetics to lighten skin discoloration such as freckles and age spots.

Do note that some of these treatments might cause some irritations for those to have sensitive skin so do use them with caution. And as always, sun protection is essential when you are using any of the above mentioned treatments.


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