Sunday, May 25, 2014

Do u like the picture? I bet u are :)
 <-- U don't need all this hicky picky stuff

Let me shortcut it. Healthy lifestyle is like a good life that u think positively, eat healthily like all that. But, some people do things negatively. I will have remedy to cure it. The recipe below can cure people who have so much fat (flabby fat fatter fattest). OK try make the recipe below. TRY IT!!! 

Healthy Recipe

1. 1 cup of garlic (blended)
2. 1 cup of ginger (blended)
3. 1 cup of lemon juice
4. 1 cup of apple juice cider (I use Heinz product)
5. 2 cups of honey 
   - Blend 1+2+3+4
   - Cook 1+2+3+4 until it thicken and bubbles up. Cool in 3-5 minutes. After cool, then you mix 
      it with honey.
   - Chill it in the fridge. 

   Drink it in a cup every morning.

When I first try it, it felt horrible but my granny says "whats bitter is good, whats sweet is bad". 

Au revoir :)

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